Fun Things To Do With Kids

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101 Fun Things to Do with Kids

1. Go on a nature walk and collect different things. Make a collage with those things.
2. Make cookies together.
3. Draw a family picture.
4. Play charades.
5. Finger paint with shaving cream on paper.
6. Make homemade playdough and sculpt with it.
7. Go to a park and swing on the swings.
8. Go to the zoo.
9. Visit a fire station and take a tour (call ahead.)
10. Fly a kite together.
11. Go to a pond and feed the ducks.
12. Plant a garden.
13. Go to story time at the library.
14. Make instruments out of items around the house.
15. Decorate picture frames or outlet covers.
16. Paint with watercolors.
17. Make paper dolls that look like each child.
18. Work on a scrapbook together.
19. Make homemade ice cream.
20. Make a piñata with Paper-Mache.
21. Go on a picnic.
22. Go for a walk.
23. Sing songs together.
24. Make a gingerbread house out of graham crackers.
25. Find a local farm and take a tour.
26. Go play at an indoor playground (at a mall, restaurant, etc.)
27. Play a sport together.
28. Look through magazines, cut out pictures and make a collage.
29. Visit a children’s museum.
30. Make pudding and finger paint with it.
31. Trace the child’s silhouette on paper and let him color it in.
32. Make a card for someone.
33. Let the child help you make dinner.
34. Make a paper cup telephone.
35. Go to a movie
36. Learn more about your state’s history. Draw the state flag, learn about the state animals, etc.
37. Make crafts with Popsicle sticks.
38. Go for a walk after it rains and stomp in the puddles.
39. Ride bikes together.
40. Rent a video, make popcorn and have a movie night.
41. Plan a family vacation together.
42. Go rollerblading together.
43. Write a story.
44. Read a book together.
45. Make a birdhouse or pine cone bird feeder.
46. Make holiday decorations.
47. Have a tea party.
48. Write a poem.
49. Have a backyard BBQ.
50. Play a family board game.
51. Sleep in backyard.
52. Go to a professional sporting event
53. Go bowling.
54. Play hide and seek.
55. Decorate a T-shirt with paints or markers.
56. Make a homemade journal.
57. Decorate a brown paper bag and play dress up in it.
58. Put on a puppet show.
59. Go to a children’s theater.
60. Make a cereal necklace.
61. Play catch.
62. Take silly pictures and print them or get them developed.
63. Blow bubbles.
64. Play group games like mother may I; red light, green light; and duck, duck, goose.
65. Go to a lake and play on the beach or ride in a boat.
66. Go sledding or skiing.
67. Build a snowman.
68. Roast marshmallows over the stove and make S’mores.
69. Play Frisbee or Frisbee golf.
70. Do science experiments together.
71. Go mini-golfing.
72. Make “oobleck”.
73. Go to a museum.
74. Exercise together.
75. Go hiking.
76. Put on music and dance.
77. Have a paper airplane flying contest.
78. Teach child to sew and make a blanket or a pillow.
79. Go swimming.
80. Make a paper plate mask.
81. Build a crystal radio.
82. Play 20 questions.
83. Spend time learning about another culture.
84. Do the child’s handprints.
85. Start a collection together (i.e. Stamps, coins, stickers, etc.)
86. Paint clay pots and plant flowers in them.
87. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
88. Go out for lunch or dinner.
89. Go camping.
90. Tell jokes.
91. Make a meal that you can eat with just your fingers.
92. Make smoothies.
93. Draw pictures with your toes.
94. Go to the mall and eat in the food court.
95. Play with a pet.
96. Color pictures in a coloring book or print out coloring pages from the internet.
97. Make a noodle picture-paint uncooked noodles and glue them to paper.
98. Write letters to family or friends.
99. Have a tickle war.
100. Do a crossword puzzle or word search together.
101. Give them a big hug and tell them you love them!

Amber Price is the mother of two boys and also the owner of My Sweetdreams Baby online store for babies, children and mom.

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101 Things To Do Instead of TV


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